Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Real Madrid 6-2 Dinamo Zagreb

JAC Sport, Madrid - Real Madrid raging at home, Santiago Bernabeu at home to Dinamo Zagreb in the fifth game qualifying Group D Champions League Europe, Tuesday, November 22, 2011 [Wednesday morning GMT]. Madrid shave the Croatian club with 6-2.

Madrid did not take long to open the scoring at home, just need 2 minute. Appear attractive, Jose Mourinho's team had successfully collected four goals in just 20 minutes.

When the game has been running for two minutes, rumbling voice support Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu directly loud. Benzema successful scored goal to Zagreb goal, after doing the good coorperate with Mesut Ozil in the box the opponent's defense. While Madrid winning 1-0.

Just four minutes later, the home side doubled their advantage to 2-0. Madrid's second goal was scored by Jose Callejon who succes the use the crossing from Benzema.

The dominance of El Real more noticeable when three minutes has passed from the Callejon goal. This time, Gonzalo Higuain's turn to scored goal because use the Lassana Diarra crossing to Zagreb goal. Silencing Madrid 3-0 guests.

Additional Madrid goal re-created in minute 20. Starting from a Higuan hard kick that can be pushed over by Zabgreb goalkeeper, Kelava. However, the ball bounced off and fell right at the foot of Ozil, then the opportunity was squandered by Germany's midfielder scored the fourth goal for Madrid.

Until halftime, scored the fourth host could not shortchanged by Zagreb. Yet this time in the match, Mourinho replacing the goalkeeper and captain of the team, Iker Casillas who was replaced by Antonio Adan Garrido, and the superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo.

At the beginning of the second half, Madrid straight attacks. Four goals in the first half as if not satisfactory Benzema and his friends.

Just  four minutes in second half, the home team scored the fifth goal. Callejon scored his second goal after the escape the offside trap and make Madrid leaving Zagreb 5-0.

Madrid is really-really raging and reluctant to give your opponent a chance to steal a goal. Entering the 66 minutes, El Real success shave Zagreb 6-0 through Benzema second goal.

Match remaining 10 minutes, Zagreb unyielding for scored goal is succes. Proven in 81 minutes, the Krunozlav Jurcic team was able to steal a goal because to a Fatos Beciraj header that failed to anticipate Adan. Madrid still ahead 6-1.

Benzema almost scored a hat trick in 83 minutes while creating the seventh goal for Madrid. Unfortunately, the French striker's volley is still widening.

Madrid's defense started off guard. Recorded in minute 90, Zagreb again creating the second goal, this time because to Ivan Tomecak. However, the victory still belongs to Madrid with a convincing score 6-2.

Thus, El Real have not been displaced from the top of Group D and are now collecting 15 points. Although still still leaves one game against Ajax Amsterdam, on 8 December, Madrid certainly qualify for the last 16 due to the acquisition of the point was not overtaken.

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