Tuesday, December 20, 2011

China Referee Confessing Set MU Scores

JAC Sport, China - One of the famous Chinese referee admitted in court has been set score some matches in the League of China in 2005-2009. He also set up two international test matches, one involving Manchester United.

According to the Guardian, Huang Junjie that ever entered in the list of candidates best referee China in 2009, claimed to have received some money to set up the game in that time between the Australian club, Sydney FC and Shanghai Shenhua. Also includes game MU when MU won a landslide victory at 6-0 in pre-season trial match against Shenzhen FC in 2007.

Setting the game or even score once this is done without the knowledge of club play. Typically, parties who play do so for the bookies.

According to Chinese news agency, Xinhua, Huang claimed to have received more than £ 160,000 from his colleague Zhou Weixin. Huang asked to set up the game and score. Zhou is now also facing charges of kickbacks to employees.

China's courts are processing cases of bribery in football since Monday, December 19, 2011. Former head of the Chinese Super League, Zhang Jianqiang accused also has received a £ 260,000 bribe.

Another referee, Lu Jun also would go to court, today, Wednesday, December 21, 2011. While 20 other Chinese football game device will also be presented in court.

Corruption is rife in Chinese football lately, especially in the Super League. In fact, the Chinese Football Association officials (CFA) are also involved. They often pay for the team or the referee. Some players also pay CFA officials in order to enter China's national team.

As a result, some sponsors to cancel the contract. In fact, local television networks CCTV refused to broadcast Chinese Super League. All these things are pointed out as the main cause of deterioration of China's national team's achievements in recent years. (How about Indonesia League???)

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