Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dalglish: Media Hate Carroll

JAC Sport, Liverpool - Liverpool manager, Kenny Dalglish angrily told the British media. Dalglish said the media is too focused on the striker Andrew 'Andy' Carroll.

Carroll brought to Liverpool for £ 35 million from Newcastle United in January 2011. He has appeared in 16 Premier League matches this season, but from 38 shoot , only two into goals.

Carroll again wasted a lot of opportunities when the Reds were arrested 18th ranked team, Blackburn Rovers 1-1 in their last Premier League. The media was again cornered 22-year striker. Dalglish was defending his men.

"I'm not sure Andy Carroll lost confidence,''said Dalglish told ESPN." When he became a starter, we had to play with 9 men (lost to Tottenham Hotspur), and time lost from Fulham, our players are also expelled. "

"I think the media have a problem with Andy is greater than any other player. This week, he was also in the spotlight even though we were only going against Newcastle."

Carroll was back in the spotlight because it will replace Luis Suarez, who missed after get an additional penalty one match and a fine from the FA. The penalty was awarded the FA after being caught Suarez raised middle finger to the Fulham supporters as Liverpool lost 0-1.

Previously, Suarez was sentenced to eight matches plus a fine by the FA after the act is considered racist to the wings of Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra.

Carroll also provided support to the Newcastle manager, Alan Pardew. Although later, Carroll was going against his former club.

"He is still adapting and learning a lot in Liverpool. Andy is entering a period of transition and I am sure he can handle it," said Pardew.

"I am confident he will be a great player. I love Andy. I was disappointed when he did not make England in the last game. Because I'm sure he could be number 9 English players," said Pardew.


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