Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Liverpool legend Request Liverpool To Bring Higuain

JAC Sport, Liverpool - Ex Liverpool icon, John Barnes is concerned about the current condition of ex his team. Barnes also gives advice to manager Kenny Dalglish.

Barnes who've been to Indonesia, asking the Reds to buy Real Madrid striker, Gonzalo Higuain. Because he saw Liverpool striker currently do not have a striker pure that can always scored goal.

"Luis Suarez fantastic player. He was able to score goals and moved wide to the left and right. But, Liverpool lost striker who always scored in the penalty box," said Barnes told talkSPORT.

"They must have a pure classic striker. A Man with number 9 striker who just roam around the penalty box, "said Barnes." Striker with criteria and quality as it may Gonzalo Higuain. "

Higuain arrival is expected to replace the Suarez role of threatened punishment eight matches from the FA due to the racist actions to Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra. Suarez-Higuain duo guaranteed will also be very scary.

"At Real Madrid, Higuain can score goals from within and outside the penalty box. He is a player who is very fit for Liverpool today," said Barnes (48 years).

Higuain is often linked with several clubs ahead of the player transfer market. Moreover, this Argentine striker recently had to share space with Karim Benzema in Real Madrid.

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