Sunday, December 18, 2011

Manchester United Get Chance For Into Champions League Again

JAC Sport, Zurich - Manchester United was eliminated from the Champions League competition after losing to compete in Group C. Alex Ferguson's team failed for the last 16 because it only came in third under Benfica and FC Basel.

Now Manchester United will go down in the Europa League. League is regarded as second-class league in the europe. But it was an opportunity to return to the Champions League re-open.

FIFA threatened to impose sanctions in the form of suspension to the Swiss Football Federation (ASF), as well as clubs who take shelter under it, because it is not give sentencing to Sion who plays an illegal player in the European League.

Sion has been embargoed by FIFA do not transfer to the 2011-2012 season. FIFA decided Zion guilty of breaking the rules when doing transfers Al Ahly goalkeeper, Essam El-Hadari. Sion then even transfer the six other players. Five of the six players even play when against Celtic in the European League playoffs last August.

FIFA, as quoted by The Sun, ASF ordered to punish them no later than January 13, 2012. A FIFA spokesman said, "If this time limit is breached then the Swiss FA (ASF) will be automatically sentenced on January 14, 2012."

If this does happen, Manchester as the third rank of Group C will replace Basel in the Champions League in 16 round. Basel will against FC Bayern M√ľnchen in Champions League

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