Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nilmaizar Start Talking About the Opportunity For Replace RD

JAC Sport, Padang - Post-retreat of the U-23 national team coach, Rahmad Darmawan, the Semen Padang coach, Nilmaizar would be a U-23 national team. Responsible for national team, Bernhard Limbong said Nile could replace the RD.

'​​Kabau Sirah' Coach only smiled when asked about speculation that he was concerned. Nile also questioned the truth of the information.

"What was once the information, a number of friends also had to ask it to me," said Nile.

"For now, I am was 'no comment'," added the Nile.

Besides Nilmaizar, Limbong also mentions two U-23 national team assistant, Aji Santoso and Widodo C. Putro as a coach who is also likely to replace the seat RD. The plan, beginning in 2012, PSSI already announced who the replacement coach Rahmad Darmawan.

"He (RD) have two assistants, Aji Santoso and Widodo. Aji qualified, well Widodo qualified too. If they go up, we only just added assistant. Techniques and methods they have absorbed perhaps in part, although not one hundred percent. Hopefully they continue the once program , "said Limbong.

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