Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Persebaya 3-2 Kelantan FA

JAC Sport, Surabaya - Persebaya Surabaya successfully bend Kelantan FA with the score 3-2 in the event Unity Cup 2011. With this result, Bajul Ijo win with a 4-3 aggregate lead of the club these Malaysian origin. Andik Vermansyah a star in this match after scoring the opening goal and provided two assists.

Compete at the 10 November Stadium, Surabaya, Wednesday, December 28, 2011, Persebaya immediately took the initiative to attack by putting the assailant duo, Feri Ariawan and Andik Vermansyah.

Persebaya first chance came in 12nd minute. Starting from a breakthrough, Andik managed to escape from escort defense Kelantan. Unfortunately, the ball can still be blocked by Kelantan goalkeeper, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat.

However Andik did not take long to make up for that failure. Persebaya tiny striker was finally successful in Kelantan goalkeeper after 15th minutes use of a horizontal cross Ferry Ariawan. Persebaya while winning 1-0.

Kelantan FA tried to keep pace. At 30th minute, the Peter Butler team has the opportunity through Abdul Aziz Ismail. But these 11 players numbered backs had the ball for too long so successfully harassed Persebaya defender.

Persebaya likely to increase the advantage on 36th minutes through the action of Ferry Ariawan. Starting from a spherical barrel of Taufiq, he managed to break header. Unfortunately too weak. Ferry Ariawan threatened again through header in 39th minutes. Starting from a free kick, free-standing ferry heading the ball just bounced over the crossbar.

In the second half the visitor were able to create a quick goal. at 49th minute, Norshahrusl Idlan ssucces scored goal after managed to take advantage of a rebounding ball.

However Persebaya successfully back ahead on 65th minutes. Ferry Ariawan gets windfall because can scored goal to Kelantan goal after managed using the ball from Andik Virmansyah shot that had hit the Kelantan defender. Persebaya while winning 2-1.

Andik again become an important actor for the Persebaya third goal on 73rd minutes, but this time goal scorede by Oktavio Dutra. Andik calmly handed the ball in the penalty box bait attraction that successfully forwarded Dutra. Persebaya winning 3-1.

But in extra time in the 93rd minute, Kelantan managed to reduce the lag to be 3-2. Starting from a rebound ball hit the crossbar, Indra Putra calmly beat Persebaya goalkeeper, Endra Prasetya.

Until the match end, a score of 3-2 to excellence Persebaya survive. Persebaya successfully lift the trophy.

Line Up :
Persebaya Surabaya : Prasetya, Mat Halil, Dutra 73', Khomad Suharto, Rivalino, Taufiq, Amaral, Jusmadi, Rendy, Ariawan 65', Andik 15'

Kelantan FA : Fahmi, Farhan, Subramaniam, Ismail, Dauobu, Indra Putra 93', Shakir, Badri, Abdul Aziz Ismail, Ghaddar, Idlan 49'

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