Monday, December 19, 2011

Silva Glad When Balotelli and Richards Arguing

JAC Sport, Manchester - David Silva was pleased when defender Micah Richards and striker Mario Balotelli because he thinks as a positive indication for the Citizens. It was proved that all players want to perform 100 percent although in practice sessions.

"Our manager, Roberto Mancini has done exceptional work in teams. He has brought us into the Champions League and we became the top in the Premier League now," continued Silva.

Balotelli is often intersect with several players ManCity. He even fist fights with Jerome Boateng who now move to Bayern Munich and was at odds with Vincent Kompany.

"Regarding the fight, you can take the positives for the team. Everyone wants to look 100 percent even when exercise and things like that can happen. But we are still united and there is a team spirit in the field," added Silva.

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