Monday, December 19, 2011

Sriwijaya FC 2-1 Persija

JAC Sport, Palembang - 10 players Sriwijaya FC (SFC) with difficulty conquer Persija with 9 players with a score of 2-1 in advanced thin Indonesia Super League (ISL). Two-goal victory Laskar Wong Kito scored by Sriwijaya FC strikers, Hilton Moreira.

With three points in this cage, SFC managed to stick to the top standings while Persisam Putra Samarinda both collecting nine points. While Persija must be willing to go down to fourth with a collection of seven points.

Compete at Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang, Sunday, December 18, 2011, host Sriwijaya FC immediately appear pressed. But the Persija defense seems to be quite successful make Laskar Wong Kito attacker frustrating.

But disaster came after Persija goalkeeper, Andritani Ardhiyasa sent off at 24th minute for touching the ball outside the penalty box while trying to dispel flick Kayamba Keith Gumbs. Galih Sudaryono entrance and Johan Juansyah pulled out.

The duel is getting hot. Peak, the referee re-issued two red cards in the 33rd minute, one for the Persija defender, Fabiano and another for the striker and captain of the SFC, Keith Kayamba. Both involved pushing and almost fist fights before the score 0-0 remain until halftime.

In the second half, Laskar Wong Kito a superior amount of direct players appear aggressive. The Sriwijaya FC can scored goal to Persija goal in the 56th minute through Hilton free kick. SFC while winning 1-0 over visitors.

Persija tried to respond through hard kick Ismed Sofyan on 62rd minutes. Unfortunately the ball the shot was wide of the Sriwijaya goal guarded by Ferry Rotinsulu.

A minute later, turn Sriwijaya FC threatening Persija goal. But Hilton efforts by releasing a measured header was foiled by Galih Sudaryono. SFC continued to dominate the game.

But Persija scored goal through Pedro Javier passing the ball dead in 78th minutes. Ferry failed to catch the ball that should be easily mastered.

Sriwijaya FC got lucky have Hilton Moriera. Ex Persib Bandung striker managed to grab this Thierry Gathusi cross and make the Sriwijaya eventually winning 2-1 over visitors.

Line Up :
Sriwijaya FC : Ferry, M Ridwan, Supardi, A. Jufriyanto, Mahyadi (Siswanto 54'), Thierry, Ponaryo, Firman Utina (Riski 46'), Lim Jun-sik, Keith Kayamba, Heilton 56' (Rachmat Rivai 84')

Persija : Andritani, Ismed Sofyan, Leo. S, Ngurah Wahyu, Hasyim Kipuw (Syahroni, 60'), Fabiano, Robertino, Ramdani, Johan Juansyah (Galih Sudaryono 26'), Pedro 78', Bambang.  P (Delton Stevano, 38')

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