Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PT Persija Jaya Session Back Deadlock

JAC Sport, Jakarta - The trial continued allegations of falsification of documents PT Persija Jaya in East Jakarta District Court returned a dead end. The reason is, the defendant, namely Pintor Gurning, Sonny Soemarsono, Bambang Sucipto, Bliamto Silitonga, and Zulfikar Utama not come again in a mediation session with the agenda.

In the trial, the defendant was represented by legal counsel, Dede Kusnadi and Yusuf Muhammad. While the plaintiff was attended by Benny Erwin and Mahfudin Nigara. Present also Chairman of Persija, Fery Paulus, manager of Persija, Ferry Indrasyarief and hundreds of supporters of Persija, The Jakmania.

According to the plaintiff's attorney, Gusti Randa, the hearing today is the third mediation efforts undertaken East Jakarta District Court. But because the defendant was not present, then the effort is re-stuck. PN and provide an opportunity for the defendant to attend a mediation session on January 17, 2012.

"Today the defendant again absent for no apparent reason. Though the mediator has asked them to come at the last mediation proceedings. I do not know they had never come because they feel scared or anything, "said Gusti Randa, in East Jakarta District Court, Wednesday, January 11, 2012.  "Obviously we're disappointed and deeply regrets their actions. It still gives mediators a chance once again. But we asked for some reservations to it," he continued.

Terms proposed defendant is an attorney is asking the defendant to present Pintoe Gurning and friends. If not, then the plaintiff requested the defendant reasons in writing. If the mediation effort kemudaian next Tuesday still had not produced an agreement, it will automatically attempt mediation is considered deadlocked and the trial resumed.

"We ask the certainty of their legal authority to be or not to present the principal. If you then still can not bring them, we ask that there is written reasons why can not attend. It should be mentioned that reason, whether fear, whether sick, or what. After last agenda, and if the mediation process is considered a deadlock, then the proceedings resumed on session material, "he said.

Meanwhile, the defendant's attorney, Dede Kusnadi denies deliberately not bring Pintor Gurning and friend. According to Dede, as an attorney, he and his team has made the effort and strive for the actors who sued may attend the mediation. With current conditions, he claimed to be ready to receive any consequences if the mediation process will deadlock.

"We have to seek and pursue them to come. In fact we also have to persuade. But then again, we can not force them to attend. We also wanted to quickly finish this process. We know this is a very big impact for Persija, as well as his supporters. but that said, we also can not impose them. we are only limited to those seeking to attend, "Dede said after the hearing.

PT Persija Jaya is recognized by the PSSI adiministratur to manage the Persija team. But this decision was a cause schism in the body of Macan Kemayoran team. Teams that are under PT Persija Jaya is currently playing in the Indonesian Premier League (IPL) but did not have the support of loyal fans Macan Kemayoran, The Jakmania. Fans are familiar with the color orange is prefer support Persija who played on the Indonesia Super League (ISL) which is managed by PT Persija Jaya Jakarta. The lawsuit against PT Persija Jaya was conducted by members of the club's internal Persija and the parties are still on the board of directors.

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