Thursday, May 9, 2013

Luis Suarez Escaped Punishment

Disgraceful action of Luis Suarez who hitting Chilean defender, Gonzalo Jara get no penalties. FIFA had time to conduct an investigation after the Suarez action when Uruguay bent Chile 0-2 escaped the attent
ion of the referee from Argentina, Nestor Pitana.

However, FIFA look at the incident in the Santiago Stadium unworthy entry in the discussion of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee. "The material does not require the intervention of FIFA's disciplinary committee and therefore the case was officially closed," FIFA said in a statement.

News from FIFA is certainly a good news for Uruguay. President of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), Sebastian Bauza became one of the figures who welcomed this news. "This is very good news for Luis Suarez, and the whole team part of this group," Bauza said.

Previously, AUF did not fully consider Suarez guilty after they claimed his players had been provoked by Jara. In addition, the AUF also include some video footage depicting some incidents also go unpunished FIFA.

Although the escaped from punishment, but Suarez will certainly miss the a match between Uruguay and Venezuela on June 11. Suarez was forced to miss due to yellow card accumulation. His second yellow card obtained from a match against Chile.

Although the escaped punishment, but Suarez will certainly miss the trip to the headquarters of Uruguay Venezuela on June 11. Suarez was forced to miss due to yellow card accumulation, including when the incident happened in the match against Chile.

As a note, Suarez is currently serving his sentence from the English Football Association (FA) after biting Chelsea defender, Branislav Ivanovic. The Liverpool striker was sentenced to 10 matches by the FA.

source : Vivanews.

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