Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Persija 3-1 Barito Putra

Rise of Macan Kemayoran is begun. Persija beat Barito Putra 3-1 in Indonesia Super League second round at Manahan Stadium, May, 15 2013. Persija and Barito Putra demonstrate the open game in this match. But, Barito lead first 0-1 after Rizky Ripora scored first goal in that match.

Persija try to scored a goal. In 28th minute, Anindito get some a good chance. But Aditya Harla, Barito keeper success to save his goal.

Bendol (Benny Dollo greeting) then replace Anindito with Rachmat Affandi to improve Persija attack. Macan Kemayoran team play more aggressive. As a result, the team captain, Fabiano Beltrame successfully scored a equalized goal in the 51st minute after get some crossing from Ismed Sofyan.

Duel between Persija and Barito Putra increasingly fierce. The visitors almost regained the lead just two minutes later, but shot from Djobril Coulibaly hit the crossbar.

Persija new recruits in the second round, Emmanuel Kenmogne, began to contribute to the Persija side. Kenmogne brought Persija lead 2-1 in the 75th minute after receiving feedback from Rachmat.

This goal giving more motivation Persija players. The Lost Boy, M Ilham who also returned to the Persija in the second round this season finally make a perfect victory two minutes before match ended, and closing the game with a score of 3-1.

Persija : Galih; Amarzukih, Farizi, Fabiano 51', Ismed (Glend Poluakan 91'); Syahrizal, Rohit Chand, Robertino (Defri Rizky 74'), M. Ilham 88', Anindito (Rachmat Affandi 46'); Emmanuel Kenmogne 75'

Barito PutraAditya Harlan; Fathul Rahman, Daewon Ha, Henry Njobi, Rizky Ripora 10' (Rizki Mirzamah 77'); Okto (Yongki 73'), Ardan Aras (Sugeng Wahyudi 90'), Mekan, Dedi Hartono; Coulibaly, Makan Konate

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