Sunday, October 5, 2014

Erick Thohir in The National Sports Discussion

BOLA National Sports Discussion invited Internazionale Milano President, Erick Thohir. This
discussion hosted by BOLA Sport Magazine on Monday, October 9, 2014.

This President talked a lot about sport as an industry and on this occasion, Erick discuss few things about the performance of the U-19 Indonesian national team. He said that the potential must be maintained and continue to be developed.

Erick also stated that he already sent a scouts to monitor the Garuda Jaya while they played a few match in Spain, September.

"I sent a scout from Inter to Spain to see the extent to which opportunities the U-19 national team players to play in Europe, Inter particular., But I deliberately did not say," said Erick.

Discussion titled Ayo Bangkit Olah Raga Indonesia! held as a form of BOLA sport magazine responsibility towards progress of national sport. As a pioneer of sports media in Indonesia, BOLA want to continue to support the advancement of sports in Indonesia.

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