Saturday, February 5, 2011

Aspac outperform Pelita Jaya

Pelita Jaya Jakarta failed to start the competition Esia NBL Series V smoothly. Faced with rivals Dell Aspac, Andy Poedjakesuma and his friends have to lose 60-68.

In the stronghold Aspac, Xavier Prawiro printer appears as the most points in a match that was held in Hall A Senayan Jakarta, Saturday, February 5, 2011. He scored 17 points for Aspac. While Ary Chandra became top scorer at the camp Pelita with 15 points.

Pelita Jaya Aspac began to leave in the first quarter while leading 19-11. Pelita had time to catch up in the second quarter with the score 24-25. Pelita unfortunately could not maintain its performance in the two final quarter.

Aspac who look more to play with concentration finally closed the match with 68-60.

Five senior players Romy Chandra recognizes excellence Aspac. According to the opponent can take advantage of the situation when his team appear less pressing.

"From the beginning we did not hit the opponent. instruction from our coaches do not do," said Romy who only scored 6 points for Pelita Jaya Esia.

According to Romy, until the final moments of the match he was sure she could pursue even if ultimately failed. "But the name game so the team this way. We are less focused. Hopefully tomorrow could be better."

At the party on Sunday, Pelita will face Satria Muda Britama which will begin at 18:00 pm. It was scheduled to meet the Comfort Mobile Citra Satria against Satya Wacana Angsapura Salatiga.

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