Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hong Kong, Prime Opponent U-23 national team at LN

Indonesia U-23 national team will undergo a friendly against Hong Kong U-23 national team, next Wednesday, February 9, 2011. For this fight Indonesian coach Alfred Riedl, will not give the target outcome.

Moreover, if consider the previous game against Pelita Jaya U-21, Riedl assess her hopes too high to rely on foster children.

"When I saw the game yesterday (against Pelita), the team is not as fast as it can meet my expectations, although I have high expectations," Riedl said after the practice session in Field C, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday, February 7, 2011.

"Therefore, my target when dealing with Hong Kong, there are no injured players, I also do not know what the Hong Kong national team," he added.

Injured players had been haunting forces against Pelita Riedl since last weekend. Noted there are five players who will be absent, among Dendi Santoso (left hamstring), Oktovianus Maniani (left hamstring), Johan Yoga (right knee), Egi Melgiansyah (right hamstring) and Nasution Karubaba (right thumb).

"This is not an appropriate preparation for us. But we still have 14 players who fit in the outer third goalkeeper. Hopefully Titus had recovered against Hong Kong. But Okto, Egi, and Ruben (Wuarbanaran) will not be fit to fight Hong Kong, "Riedl said again.

Nevertheless Riedl see this trial is a good test for foster children. Because, this is the first game U-23 national team abroad since it was first formed in Training Camp.

"We will use a 4-4-2 formation and have five strikers, we have to play them all," said Riedl again.

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