Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adebayor Want to Stay in Real Madrid

Real Madrid striker, on loan from Manchester City, Emmanuel Adebayor has urged the Los Blancos to make a deal to create a permanent contract.

Adebayor claimed to be able to play well, and it successfully demonstrated when the success contributed two goals against Tottenham Hotspur at Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals, Wednesday, April 5 am dawn WIB yesterday.

Adebayor loan contracted for six months, still have two months to stay in Madrid, and then he expected immediately contracted permanently in the summer.

"When I asked if you want to stay in capital of Spain, of course I would do. But I do not know when," said Adebayor as reported thesportreview.

The 27-year striker, will try to work hard in every training period. "There is still time to work harder for two more months before leaving the Real Madrid. We'll see,"

Moreover, he has shown his best game for Real Madrid by scoring two goals for four months. "That's my best game for Madrid, because that is my most important goal when menginjakan Spain is to score goals,"

Therefore, he determined to continue to score goals in every game special in the Champions League, especially in second leg will be able to finish the job properly.

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