Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Entertain Manchester United, Torres Still Thus Chelsea pedestal

Chelsea manager, Carlo Ancelotti, will still give confidence to Fernando Torres when fight Manchester United in the first leg quarter-finals Champions League, Thursday, April 7, 2011 pm dawn.

Torres had not yet found the best performance after decides to move from Liverpool for a British record transfer in English football with a value of 50 million pounds or about Rp706 billion in the half season transfer market.

Already 10 games already undertaken Torres at Chelsea, but has not been any goals scored by former Atletico Madrid player is. However, Ancelotti still hopes to Torres fit in the match against Manchester United later.

"I just wanted to give a good atmosphere on the field during practice. The player I know when to be serious on the pitch and when to be kidding. I see Torres playing well with the team," said Ancelotti as reported by Sky Sports.

Ancelotti knew Torres was not happy because it has not been able to score goals. But, ex coach of Juventus and AC Milan are assessing Torres played well for the team and hope he will continue to show the best against United.

"I have decided and never feel pressured to choose players. Torres has the experience and capability in the Champions League," said Ancelotti.

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