Saturday, April 9, 2011

Arema Still Could "Saving" Some Players Before Fighting Persija

Party Big Match between Arema Indonesia that Jakarta will host fight Persija will soon be competing on Sunday, April 10, 2011 at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Kepanjen, Malang in advanced ISL 2010/2011 competition was worth the wait together, since both teams are the dwellers of the top of the standings in the ISL this season, host Arema Indonesia is currently in 5th position of the standings, while Persija Jakarta are currently located in 3rd position of the standings and of course a victory that will be achieved by the two teams will also appoint a team position in the standings this season, so be sure this match will be a hot game and with held high tempo missions considering both teams are equally want improve ranking in the standings this season all at once staked their prestige as a top team in ISL 2010/2011, Arema himself seemed "save" a few players like Ahmad Bustomi, Roman Chmelo and Purwaka Yudhi in the face of Shandong Luneng in the stadium Kanjuruhan a few days ago in match Asian Champions League (LCA) are suspected by many media circles to specially prepared to face Persija in Jakarta later on, considering in the LCA, Arema Indonesia have been less likely to qualify for the next phase, while Persija had to lower the energetic midfielder M. Ilham after the previous match absent due exposed to yellow card accumulation.

Besides long-awaited by connoisseurs of the national football, this match is of course also been anticipated by both supporters of each team, as well Aremania and The Jakmania indeed have a close relationship so that the arena game that brings the two teams are always just be a gathering place of The second group of supporters both at the time of playing in Jakarta as well as playing in the city of Malang is always with each other and visit each other, including within the match on Sunday is later when the Jakmania plan will also conduct tours to the Kanjuruhan stadium to support Persija Jakarta, for Jakmania colleagues who want to follow the tour to the city of Malang to contact Korwilnya one each for registration tour this time, from monitoring Jak Online via media social network owned by Jak Online seemed enthusiastic colleagues Jakmania on tour this time is very high and hopefully enthusiastic This can be an addition to capital for the team spirit in Persija in the lead the away game on Sunday at Kanjuruhan.

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