Friday, April 1, 2011

Coach Rahmat Darmawan : "Riedl instead is an my assistant "

Postgraduate match Persija vs Persipura ended as strong 1-1 a press conference held to discuss about the game that also was attended by Jack Online Crew, Persija, represented by Coach Rahmat Darmawan and Captain Bambang Pamungkas, and Persipura from Coach Jacksen F. Tiago who spoke. Coach Jacksen revealed in a press conference opportunity, I am satisfied with the performance of foster children, with all the limitations that affected the players because there is accumulated and many are injured, Persipura managed to steal a point from the host Persija, said further Jacksen Persija good team, especially after our managed to steal a goal by Titus Bonai, then we really - really made ​​to survive. The entry of Bambang Pamungkas and Aliyudin greatly affect Persija game in the second half.

According to records Jack Online, Coach RD itself in the initial talks and expressed congratulations to Persipura Coach, Jacksen has managed to steal 1 the points. "Persipura a clever team, to be honest I was a little wrong the first half strategy, what has been learned in the simulation exercise was not effective during the first half." I hope Gerad Pangkali who plays right-back defense Persipura go up to help the attack, so the players can Persija use the counter attack to create opportunities that can then be scored.

But what happened at the time of the attack in first half Gerald pangkali very disciplined and not go up to help the attack, it's a little difficult for our players to attack the motion. In addition, the distance between the defender to midfield and the Persija back line in the first half is less close, less flow of the ball can go up to the front lines, seeing such conditions, the second round I was a little to make changes, and the result is quite effective over the game can be controlled Persija, a goal which was created Agu Casmir is very helpful in raising the motivation to win player of the match, but ultimately also the time that can not be extended, he said playfully until finally we get a draw.

When asked his opinion the inclusion of himself as a nominated assistant coach Alfred Riedl Indonesia with Coach Jacksen. As he jokingly said Coach Rahmat Darmawan "Riedl instead is an my assistant" and the whole room laughing while giving applause heard the comment. With a rush - the rush to rectify a statement saying it was a joke, Coach RD revealed today the main focus at Persija, but someday when it is believed, to the Indonesian national team that is not what I gave, he said firmly. As alluded to in the Persija chances of winning ISL this season, "these opportunities still exist and will continue until Persija final match next June ISL " he concluded the press conference closing session .

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