Monday, April 25, 2011

End of season Inter Will Bring Montolivo

Fiorentina sporting director Pier Paolo Marino, confident midfielder Riccardo Montolivo will leave Fiorentina and join Inter Milan at the end of the season.

"As Pantaleo Corvino said that Fiorentina cycle near the end, and La Liola need to rearrange his strength for next season, and I also believe what is true diktakan Corvino," said Marino.

According to Marino, four or five months ago he had said Montolivo will join Inter. Nerazzurri, he said, need to rebuild the middle field and captain need a player character. "They (Inter Milan) need a refresher in midfield and need players like Montolivo," said Marino.

When asked is it possible Montolivo joined Juventus, Marino said: "In my opinion Montolivo going to Inter, while Andrea Pirlo to Juventus."

He also said Montolivo face a difficult choice, between Inter or Juventus. Marino believes Montolivo will choose Inter, because Fiorentina is a serious rival Juventus.

"Montolivo desperately needed the big teams. He had everything, strength, skill, and still relatively young," Marino concluded.

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