Monday, April 25, 2011

This is the Ferguson Message To the players

Manchester United (MU) likely to advance to the Champions League final. Condition, The Red Devils should be able to muffle the game representative of Germany Schalke 04 in the first leg and second leg Champions League semi-final.

On the first leg, Manchester United will visit them first to the Schalke 04 cage in the morning later. Therefore, Ferguson warned his players not to underestimate the child's host.

'They (Schalke) has defeated every team that has played in the Champions League this season, including Valencia and Inter Milan, "said Ferguson.

Schalke Achievements in the Champions League this season is brilliant. In the quarterfinals Schalke successfully eliminate defending champion Inter Milan with aggregate 7-3.

Schalke appearance in the euro zone is not bright in the domestic competition, the Bundesliga. Ralf Rangnick trained team this season perform poorly in the event the Bundesliga. In fact, until leaving the final three games, Schalke still survive in 11th position while the Bundesliga standings.

Despite a poor domestic competition, it did not make Ferguson calm. Scottish managers remain wary of Schalke in the semifinals. Moreover, in the first leg played in his cage.

"They never looked like losing the game and it became credit points for them as when meeting with Inter Milan," said Ferguson.

"They always seemed to control the game and it shows in the face of Inter. And Schalke never seem to lose. Now is the semi-final game, of course semi-final match will be more difficult,"said Ferguson.

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