Friday, April 29, 2011

"Now I have even more desire to continue coaching Real Madrid"

"I now have even more desire to continue coaching Real Madrid because of what this club represents. The shirt is white and white has a meaning."

"An image is worth more than a thousand words, and they have all circled the Earth. I said what I said and I have nothing to add. Whoever criticizes my words must criticize the images and think that the photos have been edited by photoshop and that the video was staged. That is not the case. They are real photos and images. I asked a question. I didn't make accusations. I asked, "Why?" Perhaps I will die without knowing the answer."

"We will take the pitch with pride and honesty on Saturday because Real Madrid always tries to win. We have to do it for our fans. Zaragoza has a lot at stake and I hope it's a good match. A team built for winning will play. Zaragoza's life is on the line and we respect our opponent and the competition. We want to be serious."

"Lass and Xabi Alonso are physically exhausted because they spent too much time playing eleven on ten. That is why they weren't called up. We don't have many midfielders and they need to be fit to play next Tuesday. Albiol shouldn't have to play because Pepe and Ramos commit criminal actions and are suspended. They must play tomorrow. Cristiano will not suit up because we have enough options in attack with Higuian, Benzema and Adebayor."

"Our morale is good in all aspects. The season is not over and only finishes at the end of May. Perhaps we will have several friendlies to play after. We aren't on vacation until we are on vacation."
Jose Mourinho discussed his future at Real Madrid, last week's controversial Clasico and Saturday's league match against Zaragoza during Friday's post-training press conference.

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