Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Persija 2-0 Bontang FC

After the conquest of Bontang FC with with score 4-1 in match in continued ISL 2010/2011 at Manahan Stadium, Solo, Central Java, 27 April,, Persija Jakarta back to 2nd position with 40 points, displacing Semen Padang, which is currently collecting 38 points in the ISL standings this season, closed to within 2 points of Persija Jakarta, playing in front of the public city of Solo and the Jakmania directly at Manahan Stadium, Solo, Persija shut Bontang FC defense along practically the first half almost all players accumulate in the defense sector and Bontang FC leaving only one striker alone in front of Kenji Adachihara to rely on counter-attack to defense Persija Jakarta, but thanks to the ingenuity of attacking midfielder Greg Nwokolo, Persija managed to open his first goal through Agu Casmir Placing in minute 21 results sweet feed Greg after passing defender Bontang in the sector defense right Bontang this FC and the score 1-0 halftime break lasted until the first half.

In the second half, FC Bontang began to rise out attack on 10 minutes early second-half defense looked overwhelmed Persija anticipate some of the attacks from the Bontang FC attacking midfielder led by Satoshi Otomo and even this constant attacks eventually succeeded in creating a penalty for Bontang FC because Oliver Macor is forced to drop down to handsball in the penalty box, penalty executions carried out by Kenji Adachihara managed an equalizer for a 1-1 in the 69th minute, a draw would eventually become a powerful shock therapy for Persija, because all the players back Persija play fast and continue to perform additional attacks to pursue his goal, even this attempt succeeded after Ismed Sofyan did his free-kick was met by Bambang Pamungkas headings that can not be anticipated by the Bontang FC goalkeeper, Edi Kurnia in the 71st minute which changed the position to be 2-1 to Persija advantage, not long after, in the 74th minute midfielder M. Ilham again adding his goal through hard kick to Bontang FC wicket bait results from Agu Casmir, 3-1 to Persija, after that Greg Nwokolo close tonight with Persija winning goal result feedback from BP that are forwarded to the far post to make goalkeeper Bontang FC score 4-1 to Persija advantage until the game was over, the continued match later in the ISL, Persija will make his tour away to the Sriwijaya headquarters at the Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang on May 29, 2011 .

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