Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Schalke 0-2 MU

Manchester United (MU) are successfully stealing two goals in his trip to Germany to face Schalke 04 in the first leg Champions League semifinal at the Veltins-Arena, Tuesday, April 26, 2011.

In fact, MU had difficulty to break the host's goal in the first round because gemilangnya appearance goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. Some of the opportunities provided Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs can still be countered Neuer during the first half.

In 45 minutes the first MU have a chance to trim the 22nd minute through Rooney. Bait given by Hernandez's cross in the penalty box barely threatened goalkeeper host. However, swiftly cut bait directly by the Schalke player.

Three minutes later, Hernandez was again the scourge line behind Schalke. Unfortunately, his shot from the right corner of the goal just wide.

In the 28th minute, turn to Ryan Giggs who has headed the opportunity through his head after getting a crossing from Vidic. However, the veteran player capable header pushed over by Neuer.

Ten minutes before halftime, MU again get a chance in the penalty box area during a crisis in front of goal. Two United players kick Hernandez, Park still has not been able to rip the host's goal. Until the first half ended, the score remained 0-0.

Entering the second half, Manchester United did not relax their attacks. The Red Devils remain aggressive during the second half begins. In the 46th minute MU again have the opportunity through his head Patrice Evra with a header after a free kick welcomes feedback from Giggs. Again, the chances of MU failed after the header can still be ignored by Neuer.

One minute later, turn Giggs has a chance in the penalty box. But right leg kick was wide.

In the 50th minute MU almost winning capable after Hernandez scored in the 50th minute. Unfortunately his goal disallowed by the referee after Hernandez's position in a state of off-side.

Entering the 67th minute the United players could only smile after Giggs tearing goalkeeper Neuer. By utilizing feedback from the middle of the field breakthrough Rooney, Giggs who escort the players back off from Schalke goalkeeper Neuer easy trick.

Two minutes later, Manchester United managed to double keungulan to 2-0 after Rooney scored a goal in the 69th minute. Rooney scored thanks to bait mature than Hernandez. With a calm, flat kick Rooney scored who are unable to reach by Neuer.

Winning two goals poultice house trying to get up. But, until the fight was over, a score of 2-0 to win MU has not changed.

The composition of players

Schalke 04
: Neuer, Uchida, Matip, Metzelder, Sarpei (Sergio 73 '), Farfan, Papadopoulos, Jurado (Julian Draxler 83'), Baumjohann (Peer Kluge 53 '), Raul, Edu.

Manchester United : Van der Sar, Fabio Da Silva, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Giggs, Park (Paul Scholes 73 '), Rooney (Nani 83'), Hernandez (Anderson 73 ').

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