Friday, April 22, 2011

Squashed bus, the Copa del Rey trophy Destroyed

Embarrassing incident occurred when Real Madrid and Copa del Rey trophy being paraded in front of thousands of fans of Madrid. Madrid defender Sergio Ramos accidentally dropped the Cup that makes it sacred objects were destroyed.

More than 150 thousand crowded the Plaza de Cibeles Madridista, majestic symbol of the City of Madrid, to greet their heroes take the Copa del Rey trophies. But a victory party coloring incident Madrid over Barcelona.

In the open bus parade, Ramos accidentally dropped the trophy. In the replay, Ramos, who tried to take down the trophy of his head was accidentally tersenggol hands of Marcello who also enthusiastically celebrated the victory.

King's Cup which fell right in front of the bus immediately crushed without mercy. The bus stopped after Madrista gathered to see the trophy that has been destroyed because the front tires run over a bus that transports players in Madrid. The incident occurred at 4 am local time.

But the incident did not dampen the party at the Plaza de Cibeles Madridista. Madrid players still celebrating the victory without holding the magnificent trophy. Madrid win after goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo mere puppet at minute 103.

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