Monday, April 4, 2011

Ticket Persipura vs Chonburi Most Expensive Rp1 Million

Especially for games Persipura Jayapura vs. Chonburi FC in AFC Cup event, the organizers executor of the match at the Stadium Mandala would introduce a new ticket price. If the price is usually the most expensive ticket for the Indonesia Super League Rp 100 thousand, for the event AFC will increase to Rp 1 million.

Excerpted from the website Persipura fans, Monday, April 4, 2011, Chairman Tommy Panpel Persipura Benhur Mano revealed that the highest price for VVIP class ticket. While the VIP stand tickets I, II, III, IV a Rp500 thousand.

Tickets in the VIP wing tribune (5,6,7,8) for 400 thousand. As for Liverpool 300 thousand, south tribune and north  tribune of Rp50 thousand, and the ticket stand of Rp30 thousand.

Tickets will be sold a week before the match took place on 13 April. In addition to direct sale, tickets will also be distributed to the shops and hotels in the area of ​​Jayapura and Abepura.

"To avoid a ticket borong action, we only allow a maximum purchase of five tickets," said Benhur.

"For the viewers who will carry the water, will be poured into plastic, because the bottles are prohibited to be brought to the tribune," he explained to prevent the things that are not desirable.

Pursuant to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), tickets for the supporters of the visitors will also be provided. It is said panpel, Chonburi party would bring 43 supporters of Thailand. While the main group consists of 22 players, 13 offisial, 8 medium, and 5 VVIP. They are scheduled to arrive April 10 in Papua at 20:00 WIT.

Persipura and Chonburi are the two top teams in preliminary round Group H AFC Cup 2011. Both have never lost in two games early. Persipura detained 1-1 draw by South China and folding East Bengal 4-1. While Chonburi playing as strong 4-4 with East Bengal and a 3-0 win over South China.

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