Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kim Entrance U-23 National Team SEA Games Selection

Agency of the Indonesian National Team PSSI has announced the names of players who signed the nomination following the selection of U-23 national team that will perform in the SEA Games in 2011, coming November in Palembang, South Sumatra. A total of 46 players will follow the preliminary selection held in Batujajar, 7 to 21 May next.

Quoted from page PSSI, Tuesday, May 3, 2011, from a few names, there are six players naturalization, among other things, Diego Michiels and Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan.

Although previously, busy talking about the name of Kim Kurniawan not get permission to follow the selection due to national team players were banned for reasons to defend Persema who competed in the LPI.

But after going through the process, BTN decided to give the opportunity for Kim to follow the selection. Although not mentioned the name of Irfan Bachdim.

While the players who will follow the selection in part will arrive in Jakarta, today, Tuesday, May 3, 2011, and others followed, including the players who still perform in the Champions League and AFC Asian Cup.

Appointed as national coach U-23 SEA Games is Rahmat Darmawan and start next July, coach Persija Jakarta that will begin their work as national team coach.
However, before dealing with the national team, Rahmad will finish its work in Persija Jakarta. "Rahmat Darmawan handle the national team starting in July, after the Indonesia Super League (ISL) ends" said Deputy Technical BTN, Faith Arif.

In performing its duties, will be assisted by two assistant Rahmad, Widodo C Son and Aji Santoso. Meanwhile, the Coach Head Senior National Team, Alfred Riedl, in this program involved to be a technical adviser.

Here are 46 names of players :
1. Kurnia Mega
2. Rifky Mokodompit
3. Andritany Ardhiyasa
4. Diego Michels
5. Herry Susilo
6. Irfan Raditya
7. Gunawan Dwi Cahyo
8. Abdul Rahman
9. Ruben Wuarbanaran
10. Fauzan Djamal
11. Hasyim Kipuw
12. Nanak Ngurah Wahyu
13. Stevie Bonsapia
14. Zulham Zamrun
15. Hendro Siswanto
16. Egi Melgiansyah
17. Mahardiga Lasut
18. Ferdinand Sinaga
19. Dendi Santoso
20. Stefano Lilipaly
21. Joko Sasongko
22. Ramdhani Lestaluhu
23. Kim Jefrey Kurniawan
24. Jajang Mulyana
25. Yongki Ariwibowo
26. Rishadi Fauzi
27. Joey Suk
28. Titus Bonai
29. Okto Maniani
30. Lucas Mandowen
31. Andik Virmansyah
32. Syamsul Arief
33. Irfan Bachdim
34. Ardian
35. Hendra Wijaya
36. Yoseph Ostanika
37. Andrid Wibawa
38. Sansa Fauzah
39. Wirya Kumadra
40. Fathul Adha
41. Ngurah Komang AP
42. Egi Hermawan
43. Syafurdin Tahar
44. Yance Yowey
45. Yunet HW
46. Rahmat Hidayat

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