Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Persituba 1-5 Persija

After the tour away Persija Jakarta in Solo, Central Java in the match ISL continued entertain Persisam Samarinda and Bontang FC at the Manahan stadium, Solo with a score which is quite convincing when Persija entertain Persisam Samarinda win with a score 7-2 and when entertaining Bontang FC won with a score 4 - 1, it turns out this trend continues with rolled Persituba Tulang Bawang team (Champion Porprov Lampung 2010) with a score 5-1 in a friendly match held at the Tiuh Tohou Menggala Tulang Bawang Lampung stadium on Monday afternoon, May 2, 2011 which created the fifth goal Persija respectively by Alan Marta and Ismed Sofyan first-half. Goals from Persituba returned one who managed to break into Persija goalkeeper goalkeeper who escorted Jendry Pitoy and had leveled to 1-1 before Ismed Sofyan creating a goal for Persija advantage until halftime half-time over.

In the second half, Persija managed to add 3 goals through Aliyudin who scored two goal to goal Persituba and closed by the goals scored by Persija captain, Bambang Pamungkas (BP), so Persija lead 5-1 until the long whistle sounded to end the second half, the match which was also attended by fellow Jakmania Lampung 75 people and also colleagues from Aremania Lampung many as 25 people and 1 person from Pasoepati Lampung representative is a friendly match that was held by the local government and citizens Tulang Bawang Lampung itself is also quite enthusiastic and meresponds very well for the presence of Persija & The Jakmania in Tulang Bawang County this afternoon. After the match in Lampung, the new Persija will start to hold back his training at the Ciracas Stadium East Jakarta on Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

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