Monday, May 2, 2011

Madrid Try Repeat Zidane heroic story

Mission weight now being carried Real Madrid players. Jose Mourinho's troops should return from the defeat 0-2 from Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final first leg and then grab a share of tickets for the final.

What makes this difficult, Los surly must reply that a two-goal deficit in Barcelona home, the Nou Camp. Barcelona itself certainly will play off after excellence at the Santiago Bernabeu last.

But the spirit of Mourinho's troops remain lit. Especially with full support Madridistas for Mourinho like that lie in the banner at the Santiago Bernabeu, "Your voice, our feelings, your strength, Mou."

Step Madrid is not easy. However, Cristiano Ronaldo and his friends have a heroic story that can be used as motivation and exemplary face 2nd leg on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 tomorrow.

Madrid never recorded a 2-0 victory in Barcelona home in the semifinal first leg Champions League 2002. Two goals printed Madrid Zinedine Zidane and Steve McManaman. Leg 2 in Madrid, the same strong position 1-1.

Madrid finally won after the final bend Bayern Munich 2-1 through goals from Zizou's pretty decisive. Interestingly, in the pursuit of difficult missions at Camp Nou later, Madrid players will also be accompanied by the perpetrators of history at the time, Zidane who is now a special adviser at the club.

"All agreed this would be very difficult but not one who surrendered. This historic precedent that what is needed ie Real Madrid must continue to believe the possibility of any opportunities that exist, "wrote club statement on their official website.

Sense of optimism was also still attached to the goalkeeper Iker Casillas. Los Merengues captain is still believed capable Madrid cruised into the final. "Name two teams that will perform at the finals has not been written."

"You never know what will happen. We will play in Barcelona for find out who the final four teams still more likely," lid Casillas.

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