Friday, May 6, 2011

Semen Padang Striving Hard to Asian Competition

Semen Padang FC struggle to survive in the zone in the Asian Champions League next season still leaves five games. Rest of this fight to be the toughest test of rank 2 SP maintains standings Indonesia Super League (ISL) this season.

Full points in every game and hope Persija slip into the main key SP of the standings stay on board until the end. Currently, Kabau sirah perched on the rank 2 of the standings, two points ahead of nearest rival Persija. SP superior one-time match on the new Persija played 22 games with 40 points.

SP entrenched in the rank 2 standings with 42 points from 23 matches. Competition to appear on stage at least five clubs contested Asia: SP, Persija, Arema, Sriwijaya FC and Persisam Samarinda.

Of the remaining matches to be played SP, this club challenges occurred in away games to Jakarta for againts Persija and to Papua, Persipura and Persiwa Wamena. How big is the opportunity SP is able to survive in the zone of Asia until the end of next season?

"We know, the trip to stay on top is not easy," said SP head coach, Nilmaizar, Friday, May 6, 2011. According to the schedule that was launched PT Liga Indonesia, leaving one sirah Kabau home game againts Persiba on 9 June.

The rest will be spent on SP when they travel to Pekanbaru, May 8, Persija Jakarta, June 2, and to Papua on June 19, facing Persiwa and Persipura. PSPS become the focus of the game against the nearest SP.

Although excellent when entertaining PSPS in Agus Salim, Pekanbaru player able to perform extraordinary when shaving Bontang FC 6-2, last week. Victory over PSPS be key for the SP to look at a top competition before they go to Persija, the main competitor Kabau Sirah.

"We're still looking at the rest of the match with optimism, even though we know it's not easy," says Nile.

Nil claims will instruct his team to fight hard to face match remaining this season. "Hopefully, Semen Padang can obtain the best results," he said.

Persija chances are even more profitable with three games this season cage. Nil claims will pump up the spirit of foster children for the rest to undergo the match in ISL. This campaign team vowed to fight to maintain its position at the maximum top of the standings.

If the SP can achieve 15 points from the rest of the game, this figure has not been enough to bring it to survive in position 2 when the final standings ISL while Persija can win in the six match leftovers. The final standings will still be won Persija with one point advantage. Sure, both teams hope the rest of the game rivals to slip.

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