Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sriwijaya FC 3-2 TSW Pegasus

Sriwijaya FC ensure that qualified for the last 16 of the AFC Cup 2011. In the final match of allowance for Group F, Laskar Wong Kito managed to conquer the 10 TSW Pegasus players with score 3-2.

With this victory, Sriwijaya total collected 10 points from six games. The team was coaching ​​by Ivan Kolev to following Persipura Jayapura which qualify to ensure the last 16.

Pegasus entertain at Jakabaring Sriwijaya Stadium in Palembang, Wednesday, May 11, 2011, Srivijaya was obliged to win to be able to escape. The game was immediately exhibited aggressive Ponaryo Astaman and friends.

But the visitors who are able to create more opportunities for first through hard kick from Brazilian midfielder Itaparica in minutes 3​​. Luckily the ball was still to be secured Fery Rotinsulu goalkeeper.

Even Srivijaya had left ahead through goals from midfielder surprise Lai Yiu Cheong at minute 30. Mercurial midfielder Pegasus is successfully grabbed the ball throw and make the visitors ahead 0-1.

Disadvantaged by Sriwijaya direct response to defense shut this club Hong Kong origin. At minute 34, Sriwijaya equalized opportunity if the Keith Gumbs Kayamba free kick was thwarted goalposts.

owever Kayamba Gumbs did not waste a second chance. Two minutes later, Kayamba Gumbs managed an equalizer for a 1-1. Utilizing good feedback Rendy Siregar, Keith Gumbs Kayamba managed to break hard kick right foot that failed intercepted Pegasus goalkeeper, Li Hon Ho. This 1-1 score lasted until halftime.

In the second half exactly at minute 59, Supardi managed to bring Sriwijaya victory 2-1 over Pegasus. Winger Srivijaya was succeeded in grabbing the ball from the chaos created by Keith Kayamba Gumbs.

Instead of the equalizer, Pegasus would have to play with 10 players after defender Deng Jinghuang sent off referee after bagging two yellow cards in minute 66. But the players outnumbered the Pegasus does not necessarily make a surprise stop delivery through schemes counterattack.

The proof is in minute 75, Lee Hong Lim managed an equally strong position to be 2-2. Utilizing good feedback striker Leandro Callejo, this substitute Fery Rotinsulu conquered through hard kick right leg.

Equalizing goal of this position could create panic Sriwijaya stronghold. Luckily, coach Ivan Kolev enter Mahardiga Lasut. He managed to become supersub after scoring the winner Sriwijaya FC in minute 87.

Score is 3-2 for the victory of Srivijaya was finally stand up to the game was over and Srivijaya ensure qualified for the last 16.

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