Friday, May 6, 2011

UEFA Law Serious Jose Mourinho

UEFA punish Jose Mouriho conspiracy allegations alleged related with rivals Barcelona. Mourinho was sentenced to five matches plus a 50,000 euros fine, or approximately Rp 630.1 million.

UEFA sanctions come into force since Tuesday the 2nd leg Champions League semi-final. While one other sentence is a suspended sentence and will be delayed up to three seasons ahead.

Spicy burst out following a 0-2 defeat Mourinho at the Santiago Bernabeu in the last leg of a semi-final. At that time, Mourinho sent off after Madrid also have to play with 10 men after Pepe got a red card.

"I do not know if this publication as Unicef ​​or friendship (President of the Spain Football Association, Angel) Villar at UEFA, where he was vice president. I do not know if it's because they are very good, but clearly they have great strength. While we do not have a chance, "Mourinho said at the time.

"They're a great team, so congratulations to them. But they have other strengths. Pepe red-carded and I also. I do not know why it happened," added the 'Special One.

UEFA assess Mourinho hurl it was inappropriate. Not only Mourinho, UEFA sanctions also fell one match for Madrid defender, Pepe. Even the Real Madrid club also had to pay 20,000 euros for being unable to control the Madrid fans at the game.

While in stronghold Barcelona goalkeeper Jose Pinto involved commotion in the first half matches are prohibited pause compete for three games. That meant he could not play in the Champions League final against Manchester United.

Both Madrid and Barca have a chance to appeal commencing three days after authorities imposed sanctions on European football's highest.

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