Friday, May 6, 2011

Shares Arema Indonesia Not Sold

Auction Arema Indonesia has known a number of parties through the news media. But until now, there has been no formal offer that go into management to date.

"Until now, there are no parties who communicate with management related to auction Arema Indonesia, but we expect in the near future already have an agreement with interested parties," said Media Officer Arema, Sudarmadji, Friday, Mei 6 2011.

Previously, Sudarmadji heard the news about the speculation of five investors who have started closer to the management related to the auction. The five namely the Bakrie Group, Medco Group, MNC Group, Bosowa Group and Yanmar.

But it think it was just as news of speculation that has not been concrete. "It's probably just speculation from friends, whereas in kongkretnya not exist," he said.

Sudarmadji asserted, though it would be auctioned, but later one percent of the shares still owned Aremania (Arema fans), so that third parties who will buy Arema must comply with several requirements.

Among them does not alter the team name, home base or home games stay in Malang, following the official competition the FIFA recognized and PSSI and maximize local potential.

Related defending champion team auction prices Indonesia Super League (ISL), the Sudarmadji submit fully to the management Arema.
Previously, the Arema President honor, Rendra Krishna said, management will provide the opportunity for third parties, such as private companies, investors or other institution is interested in buying Arema.

The price will be offered to third parties through the auction valued at Rp 20 billion more. Auction conducted to overcome the financial crisis experienced by management, such as mortgage loans totaling 5 billion worth of salary arrears and also a player for 2.5 months.

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