Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Controversy About The Reds New Costume

Some Liverpool fans expressed anger to the third Liverpool costume design next season. Shades of blue in the design are considered synonymous with greatness color the Reds rivals, Everton.

Indeed, Liverpool's choice to wear a blue hue on the third costumes have a good reason. Color that is used in the first cage costume Liverpool, about 120 years ago.

"The inclusion of cyan in the blue T-shirt design refers to Liverpool's first home uniform, which used nearly 120 years ago, which combined criss-cross between the white and blue," explained a spokesman for Adidas, Liverpool costume provider.

But, some Liverpudlians do not agree with the color selection. They are still forbidden in blue costume in their favorite club. The reason is clear, blue is Everton.

"The colors in the line should be red," complained fans named Faith Fulcher, as reported by the Mirror.

"Why would we want to wear the same color with Everton while red is the color that signifies the importance of Liverpool since Bill Shankly (the ex Liverpool manager) confirms that the entire costume wearing the same color," he added.

There was a suspicion that the blue color was due to the intervention of Liverpool's main sponsor, Standard Chartered.

"It has also shown me that blue is part of Standard Chartered logo even though they have denied involvement in the design T-shirts," said Fulcher.

Other Liverpool fans reveal matching. They even threatened not to buy new costumes this.

"Do not buy it. We do not used wear blue," said berakun Twitter @ degsy65 fans.

"Yes, of course. Do not buy the link to the past. Color is appropriate sponsor Standard Chartered," said @ unklerupert.

While some other fans a softer blue color options to address this.

"A little blue color will not change us into Everton," said @ theosakasun in Twitter.

"Actually, it looks cool. But it should be a little red-cyan color. Otherwise, it would be better suited to Manchester City," said @ KopKrusada in Twitter.

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