Thursday, June 16, 2011

De Gea Like Van der Sar, Only Less Experience

Atletico Madrid striker, Diego Forlan, had a positive opinion concerning the ability of David De Gea goalkeeper. According to him, the quality of De Gea similar to Edwin van der Sar, only young.

De Gea reported a step will belong to Manchester United's new left Van der Sar who was Pensions. Players 20 years was reportedly valued 18.9 million pounds.

"No doubt, David will be the player who is very, very good. He's got talent," comments about his teammate's Forlan told BBC Sport.

With a height of 192 cm, De Gea has similarities with Van der Sar posture. Both have advantages in picking the balls air.

"He is tall, good at anticipating cross the ball, good shot stopper and able to share the ball very well," said Forlan again.

"I thought he looked like Van der Sar in many ways. Although he was very young, he's a lot to give confidence to the defender and he's got a lot of talent," added the Uruguayan striker.

But Forlan also warned MU about the age De Gea is still very young and lack experience to remember De Gea penetrate new Atletico's first team at the end of the 2009-10 season.

"David will be a top class player because he's got the ability. But he had just had his first full season as the first goalkeeper Atletico and he was a young player a new experience a bit," said Forlan.

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