Monday, June 6, 2011

FIFA Secretary General: Qatar 'Buy' 2022 World Cup

Secretary General of FIFA, Jerome Valcke, acknowledged that he had sent an email to the Vice President of FIFA, Jack Warner, which contains allegations of Qatar has been "bought" the 2022 World Cup.

Email problems were first disclosed by Warner in his comments after FIFA punished. He, who together with Mohamed Bin Hammam allegedly involved bribing members of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU), said Valcke never send emails that discuss candidacy Bin Hammam in the FIFA presidential election.

But, Valcke also indirectly alluded Qatar bidding victory in the 2022 World Cup, in which Bin Hammam has become one of the team's successful Middle East countries.

"To Mohamed Bin Hammam, I never understood why he developed (in the election)," wrote Valcke, as shown by Warner.

"Does he really think he has a chance or just take an extreme way to show displeasure to the ANN (Joseph Blatter). Or he thinks you can buy FIFA as they buy the WC (World Cup)."

"I have been bet since the first day, he would resign, but on June 1 (election day) after 10 minutes he spoke. As such, he can say he pushed Blatter to make new commitments and get applause."

When confirmed, Valcke not deny ever sending an email to Warner.

"It was a personal email and we'll discuss it. He sent an email to me and asked if I want it (Bin Hammam forward), he told me that I should ask Bin Hammam is withdrawn," said Valcke, as reported by Reuters.

Valcke explained that that was published by Warner just a part of the overall content of the email. He also denied already influenced decisions related to the FIFA Ethics Committee suspended for Warner and Bin Hammam.

"The first time I met the Chairman of the Ethics Committee was yesterday at 5 before we go to press conferences. I have no contacts at all with anybody," added the man from the French.

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