Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hiddink Chelsea Training Top Pas

Guus Hiddink was widely rumored to be trained Chelsea. Considering he already had experience with 'The Blue', Hiddink was rated as the most appropriate candidate.

Assessment was made ​​by Ray Wilkins, a ex assistant coach at Chelsea's core team, responding to speculation the appointment of Hiddink to replace Carlo Ancelotti is already deposed.

"Guus obviously know the people at Chelsea because it had been there a few years ago and also won the FA Cup semi-final as he reached the Champions League," said Wilkins told Sky Sports.

"He knows Stamford Bridge inside and out, so from that aspect I would say Guus fit so the first option," he continued.

Hiddink had previously been appointed as Chelsea coach in the year 2009. The Dutchman also known as a close colleague of Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich.

Hiddink is now the name stuck again and reportedly returned to Chelsea. However, its status is still officially appointed as coach of Turkish national team into a obstacle.

"I am saddened by the fact that Carlo is no longer located in Chelsea, but if they would hire a coach, Guus know the people at Chelsea, mentality and I think he will not have a problem," said Wilkins.

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