Thursday, June 9, 2011

If Not Happy, Cesc Better To let Go

Cesc Fabregas is considered better to let go if it was no longer happy. About the performance of the team, Arsenal do not need to worry because they still have Samir Nasri.

After failing last season, Cesc is still continues to be connected with Barcelona. However, Arsene Wenger insisted would furiously defend the captain.

Situation more complicated because Nasri has not yet willing to sign a new contract proposed club. He also linked with to make a new Manchester United player despite recent rumors that stifle.

Not to reach a deal with Nasri because of salary issues. But the talks still underway, and probably still can expect Arsenal midfielder was going to survive.

Ex Arsenal courtier, Lee Dixon, also commented about the polemics that had defended the club for 14 years. He considered for a player who was not happy it should be removed. After all, Arsenal still have the ability Nasri in midfield is not less than Cesc.

"Every year is always arise whether Cesc will stay or go? It makes no difference with this season and he is inevitably linked with a move to Spain. In a certain point is also inevitable in the end he will go," Dixon said in The Sun.

"With Nasri, he (Nasri) had a good start last season and I think he will be benefited if Cesc was not in the team. He seems to operate more freely in the middle instead of playing in the area of ​​the wing."
"I think it's important for managers to maintain the best players, but what you want to defend someone who is no longer happy? In my dictionary, I will release the players who are no longer happy and I think Cesc will go into that category sooner or later."

One way to maintain Wenger Cesc is giving the armband to the Spanish players. Dixon assess Cesc not yet proficient enough to be a team leader.

"I once said at the end of the season that if Arsenal do not start with the good, you could see her drop. I think he got a job captain as a way of preventing it in the club and inspire the team to win the trophy," continued the man is 47 years.

"But still it did not happen and I judge he is also not a good captain."

"I think it's important for Nasri to feel welcome and see the new recruits will come to strengthen the club. So if Cesc will go? I think he will go one day but if they lose then it will be a very very big blow," he said.

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