Saturday, June 11, 2011

Persela 0-0 Persija

Through the games that run with the "standard" tempo, Persija Jakarta is only capable of playing a draw with host Persela Lamongan in continued ISL 2010/2011 the match presented at the Surajaya stadium Lamongan, June 9, so managed to reach a point to re-occupy the 2nd position in the standings after winning aggregate with Arema Indonesia, and also with Semen Padang who also won 2-1 over Persiba Balikpapan tonight, so all three teams together to collect points 46 of the number of matches that have lived together for 26 times a game on respective teams. Fatigue seems to still surrounds Team Persija Jakarta where most players play look effortless and the lucky Persija goalkeeper, Hendro Kartiko performed brilliantly in this match to secure some important opportunities Persela from dead balls, practically only Hendro Kartiko who played enough work extra hard on this game.

This result is actually not beneficial for Persija, given in his last two games, Persija still doing the away game to the Sidoarjo who just got up after a win over his guest events this afternoon with the score 4-3 in Sidoarjo, while Persija last match when entertaining PSPS also not yet can be known whether it could be held in Jakarta or outside of Jakarta, while Persija rivals, Arema and Semen Padang, both teams in the count above the papers relative to get "relief" on 2 parties going forward, Arema staying to face the team Kalimantan, Persisam Samarinda and Bontang FC caretaker all will be held in cages at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, while Semen Padang in the remaining two parties will come to face to team from Papua, Persiwa Wamena and Persipura Jayapura who have ensured themselves into champions, so it is likely not going to lower the best squad when entertaining Semen Padang where Persipura planned to be lowered young players in the match left them, but of course football is not easy to guess the outcome, there is a chance for Persija to win Runner Up position at the end of this season if Persija can win the two remaining match with a convincing score to keep the aggregate goal difference later on with the team Arema and Semen Padang.

Composition Player :
Persela Lamongan : I Komang Putra [GK], Charis. Y, Fabiano, Z. Ickwan, Dedi Indra, Hendro. S, Fachrudin, Gustavo, Sukadana (Zulham 79'), Barkoui (Aris. A 82'), Jimmy. S

Persija Jakarta : Hendro. K [GK], Precious, Bayemi (Agus Indra 90'), Ambrizal, Tony (M. Ilham 63'), Leo. S, Makor, Greg, Agu, Bambang. P (Aliyudin 81')

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