Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4 Elements that Can Into Arena PSSI Extraordinary Congress

Normalization Committee will perform the sterilization of the arena PSSI Extraordinary Congress in Solo, Central Java, July 9, 2011. There are only four elements that are allowed to follow the course of the trial.

According to the Normalization Committee Member, Joko Driyono, the four element consists of 101 voters, all candidates are ahead in the election, officials of FIFA, AFC, PSSI and committees, as well as participant observers.

"When the congress lasted only four elements that should be in the arena of the Congress," said Joko in Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday, July 6, 2011.

Joko explained, participant observers will come from the perpetrators of the game, as players, coaches, and referees. In addition, participants will also be observers from PSSI members who have no voice.

"Football family as referees, players, coaches and members of the PSSI not party congress will take part to be an observer of Congress," said Joko, who also serves as Acting Secretary General of the PSSI.

According to Joko, an observer present at the congress will only amount to 30 people. While football fans are not included in this group.

"Supporters do not we make the viewer because it is difficult to define them (supporters representing all supporters)," said Joko.

Previously, the Secretary General of The Jakmania, Richard Amhad had suggest to KN for invite as observers representatives of supporters. The goal is that they could record anyone who needs to be responsible in case of deadlock.

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