Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Arsenal midfielder Threatened Sign In Prison

Arsenal's young midfielder, Alex Song, threatened two years in prison after being accused of attacking a student in a bar in Africa. The incident happen in the town of residence Song in Douala, Cameroon, when he was on vacation, June 7, 2011 last.

This accusation filed a student who becomes victim of a beating Song. However, Song that has been Arsenal since 2006 and then dismissed the accusation. He admitted that he never touched the student.

"I was with my girlfriend. When he went for 15 minutes to the bathroom but did not come back, I followed him," said Ludovic Achille Mouaha, the student's name as reported by African Soccer, Tuesday, July 5, 2011.

"Two bodyguards suddenly block me and said I should not go to the bathroom because Song was still inside." Song and then quit with an angry and I ended up in the gutter and must be treated in hospital. "

According to the representative version of Song, it is not the truth. But there are fans asking for autographs Song but instead ends with a fight. "Nothing has ever been Alex touched the plaintiff.

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