Saturday, July 2, 2011

Indonesia national team Threatened Absent in the 2014 World Cup

Not the absence funds for the national team of Indonesia and U-23 national team to make that national teams threatened failed to appear at the Pre-World Cup 2014 and the AFF U-23.

The situation was revealed by Deputy Minister of National Team Technical Agency (BTN), Iman Arif in a press conference in Jakarta, Saturday, July 2, 2011. Iman is confirmed until now it was still waiting for liquid funds, both for the senior national team and U-23 national team.

"Imagine, a senior national team must appeared in the Pre-World Cup against Turkmenistan on July 23, while the U-23 national team must perform in the AFF U-23 Cup on 16 July. But, until now no money down," said Iman.

Iman said it had asked the fund to the PSSI Normalisation Committee as the holder of the national football currently around Rp 3 billion to prepare the senior national team against Turkmenistan in the Pre-World Cup. Likewise Rp22 billion to Satlak Prima for U-23 national team.

"But, until now, the fund has not received," said Iman.

These conditions make Iman a little pessimistic about the chances of Indonesia in two of the show anyway. The fate of the senior national team is more worrisome because it was must to be in Turkmenistan on July 20, before competing on July 23, 2011.

While the U-23 national team is more fortunate because it will compete in Palembang. Junior national team will to do first match in the AFF U-23 Cup on July 16.

"For the senior national team, from now we should already must a visa and plane tickets. U-23 national team we planned to send the invitation dated July 11 and begin training July 14. While the first game July 16. Very narrow once the preparations," said Iman .

If not funded, then the senior national team threatened to void to Turkmenistan and Indonesia may be failed to competition in Pre-World Cup 2014. "In fact, (Indonesia) maybe we can be penalized for not being able to come to Turkmenistan," said Iman.

Finally, Iman hope there is a bright spot for the senior national team and U-23 national team after PSSI Congress held July 9 in Solo. "Hopefully, Congress went smoothly until there is certainty," said Iman.

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