Thursday, June 23, 2011

Madrid Will Soon Bring Young French Defender

Real Madrid will bring in a young defender from France, Raphael Varane. The player who was only 18 years it has met with Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho and both have reached an agreement.

Varane is a player who competed in Division II league with the French club, Lens. Throughout the season, players who are also members of the squad France U-21 national team is playing bari 23 times with Lens.

According to the President of the Lens, Geravis Martel, before it approached Madrid, Varane had offered to the English club, Manchester United. Last month, Manchester United almost memboyongnya with a transfer value of 10 million pounds.

"Although the Lens survive in League 1, Raphael Varane keep moving because he is a phenomenon," said Martel told supporters Lens Wednesday, June 22 last.

"He will play for Real Madrid under coach Jose Mourinho has Varane met before," said Martel.

"Raphael is a remarkable child. I am proud that he will wear Real Madrid costum. He has been chased by Real Madrid for two months. He has also been seen faslitas-fasilias Madrid.

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