Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Schuster: Neymar No Suited Play in Madrid

Ex player and coach of Real Madrid, Bernd Schuster warned about the transfer plan Los Blancos 'prodigy' of Brazil, Neymar from the club Santos.

Schuster believes Real should focus to bring Sergio Aguero from Atletico Madrid. The reason, the Argentine striker is better suited to play in the Santiago Bernabeu.

"His style and vision reminded me of Emilio Aguero Butragueno [Real Madrid legendary]," said Schuster told Insidefutbol.

Sergio Aguero and Atletico have strengthened familiar with Spanish football since 2006. The 23-year player also has long lived in the Spanish capital.

"He is a player who will not have problems when playing for Madrid," said Schuster.

Schuster who now trains giant Turkish club, Besiktas could not believe Neymar (19 years) could be like Aguero. The man nicknamed the Blond Angel (Angel Blonde) while still playing this doubt Neymar can quickly blend with the game of El Real.

"I think, Neymar would like Robinho. Delivers he would be very risky," said Schuster.

Robinho is touted as the 'child prodigy' had also briefly recruited Madrid. Unfortunately, the player who is now aged 2007 was fairly successful despite not donating two trophies La Liga for Real. Since that time more so Binho reserve players.

Then Robinho to sold to Manchester City in 2008. Since last season, he played for AC Milan.

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