Sunday, July 24, 2011

Turkmenistan 1-1 Indonesia

Indonesia national team had to settle for 1-1 draw against 10-man hosts in firts leg of Turkmenistan in the second round of Pre-World Cup 2014. Indonesia first left before Muhammad Ilham be a lifesaver.

Compete at Olympya Stadium, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, Saturday, July 23, 2011, the Indonesian national team immediately pressed the home team since the early minutes. This was compounded by bad field conditions.

Result, the game has been running two minutes, Turkmenistan opened the opportunity through a free kick. Lucky Ferry Rotinsulu goalkeeper not to block the ball was still spry.

But in the 10th minute, ultimately Indonesia successful to break down the Turkmenistan wicket. Starting from a free kick along the ground which made ​​Vyacheslav Krendelev, goalkeeper Ferry one motion anticipate the arrival of the ball as the crowd blocked the player in the penalty box. Indonesia while behind 1-0 from Turkmenistan.

Behind 1-0, the Merah Putih armies terlecut to catch up. Hard work made ​​by Wim Rijsbergen team finally paid off in the 29th minute goal by M Ilham replies.

Persija midfielder was hacked in Turkmenistan wicket keeper who escorted Maksatmyrat Samyradow. Ilham succeeded in grabbing the ball after kick by Muhammad Ridwan. The position is as strong 1-1 last until halftime.

Entering the second half, Indonesia opened up opportunities in the 56th minute through cooperation Christian Gonzalez, M Ridwan and Boaz. But unfortunately hard kick by goalkeeper Boaz could still to block Turkmenistan, Samyradow.

Minute 59, Merah Putih had another golden opportunity through cross M Nasuha. Unfortunately, the ball first successfully secured Turkmenistan goalkeeper before being struck by Gonzales who was ready to meet the ball in the goal mouth.

Turkmenistan had success to break Indonesia wicket on 67 minutes. But the goal was disallowed because the referee considers a violation has occurred first.

Indonesia actually benefited after Artur Gework├Żan get red card in the 75th minute. Unfortunately the advantage that the number of players could not maximized by Merah Putih. Indonesia a few times actually surprised by the attacks of Turkmenistan. But until the game ended, a score of 1-1 did not change.

Indonesia Starter :
Goalkeeper : Ferry Rotinsulu
Defender : Mohammad Nasuha (Supardi, 85'), Muhammad Roby, Ricardo Salampessy, Zulkifli Syukur (Oktovianus Maniani, 92)
Midfielder  Muhammad Ilham, Ahmad Bustomi, Firman Utina (Eka Ramdani, 90'), Muhammad Ridwan
Striker : Boaz Solossa, Christian Gonzales

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