Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Semen Padang Targeting Ahmad Bustomi To as New Player

JAC Sport, Padang - Semen Padang management has set aside Rp20 billion to buy players to add strength in the Indonesia Super League 2011/2012 season. Some famous names in the national football stage in the target.

A number of national players name a coveted 'Kabau Sirah' to be able to compete at the top ISL upcoming season. Merah Putih Midfielder, Ahmad Bustomi reportedly entered the radar of SP management to go home to Padang. Players 26 years yesterday defended Arema season is expected to strengthen the midfield SP in the upcoming season.

"We're hunting now, Bustomi enter our target. Nego have been done with a number of players, has not met the price," said President Director Kabau Sirah Semen Padang (KSSP), Erizal Anwar on JAC Sport, Tuesday, August 2, 2011.

Bustomi addition, the SP coach team also recommends strengthening the defender who last season Pelita Jaya is Abdul RahPurchase a number of talented young players are expected to maintain the achievements of Semen Padang. "Minimal able to maintain the achievements of last season, the maximum could be better," added Erizal.

Earlier, the SP release five players in the team last season. Players were not renewed this contract that is Saktiawan Sinaga, Heru Nerli, Anda Ermawan, Budi Kurnia and Midfielder Egi Melgiansyah, teammate Abdul Rahman is also in demand management Kabau Sirah.

Currently, only one player who had 90 percent to ensure will join the SP next season. Wamena Persiwa striker who defended last season, Ferdinand Sinaga (22 years) is almost certainly fill the position left by Saktiawan Sinaga.

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