Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bahrain Captain not underestimate Indonesia

JAC Sport - Indonesia entered the third round of Group E in the Pre World Cup (PPD) in 2014 with the status as a country that is not seeded. But it does not make opponents look red and white eye.

In Group E, Merah Putih will join the forces of Asian football. Iran is the top seed followed by Qatar. On paper these two countries are most favored. Meanwhile, Bahrain is considered to be the dark horse.

But the existence of Indonesia remains worthy watch. Indonesia national team spirit at any time ready to give birth a miracle. It is also believed by captain Bahrain, Mohamed Salmeen.

"I think our group is very difficult and would be very difficult to qualify from this group. But we're used to a difficult game in a tough group and we had escaped twice into the play-offs. We want to do it again and this time we want to go to World Cup , "said Salmeen at the official website of the AFC.

"Iran is a big team in Asia, while Bahrain and Qatar go ahead and produce excellent performance on lately. But everyone must respect Indonesia which will be a strong competitor, "he explained.

Saw record attendance, Indonesia steps does look heavy. Against Iran, Merah Putih never recorded a victory in the last three meetings.

Against Qatar, Indonesia had recorded one victory in the last four meetings. Indonesia had conquered Qatar in Asian Cup 2004 group stages. But the Merah Putih swallow two defeats and one draw.

Meanwhile, against Bahrain, Indonesia had a better record. Of the last five meetings, troop Garuda recorded two wins, two draws and just one defeat.

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