Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sriwijaya Soon Get Maman

JAC Sport - Sriwijaya FC closer to get a defender Maman Abdurahman. Laskar Wong Kito negotiation team with Maman has entered the final stage.

Maman become one of the players shooting Sriwijaya in the transfer market in order to fix the problem of defense. Technical Director of PT Sriwijaya Optimistic Mandiri, Hendri Zainuddin, insisting it was still negotiating with Persib players Bandung and is currently entering the final stage.

"With our continued negotiations Maman. The point we enter the final stage. There is a push-pull issue price. We'd love Maman same price like at Persib. We hope these negotiations ended positively," Hendri said, Wednesday, August 3, 2011.

In addition to targeting defender, Sriwijaya is also seeking to get a goalkeeper for layering Ferry Rotinsulu who a main goalkeeper. "There are some names we're considering, but until now there has been no decision," said Hendri.

Although still active in the transfer market, Hendri confirmed Sriwijaya was ready to face Indonesia Super League (ISL) next season. Hendri admitted today Indonesia 2007/2008 Premier League champions already have 24 players in the squad, including players like striker Alberto Goncalves Friday and Rizky Novriansyah.

"In essence we are ready to undergo the league. We already have 24 players in the team squad. Live there are few additions. We're just waiting for the problem of the league format that will be used," said Hendri.

Sriwijaya itself, recognized Hendri, hoping ISL 2011/2012 season could be held after the event the SEA Games in 2011, 11 to 22 November next. This was done so that preparations can be a maximum ISL club participants.

"There is a plan of the league starts in October, while a club usually require two months of preparation before the league starts. We have already entered the month of Ramadan. In addition, clubs that players perform in the SEA Games are usually unable to perform optimally," said Hendri.

Hendri said they would propose it in a workshop between the AFC with a club manager ISL and First Division today. "If given a chance to talk, we will propose it," lid Hendri.

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