Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mourinho & Ronaldo Agrees Decline Adebayor

JAC Sport - Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho and his compatriot, Cristiano Ronaldo looks compact about Emmanuel Adebayor. They argue the plan to bring back Manchester City striker.

Madrid had borrowed Adebayor for half of last season. Mourinho claimed it took the striker to stay tune his troops next season. But, it turns out it's not a striker Adebayor, who had watched Madrid against host Leicester City in the trial on 30 July.

"Maybe it's not a new striker Adebayor. He joins us now and watch it because he was our friend. No matter how he played for Real Madrid or Manchester City, he remained our friend," Mourinho said a case reported by Click Manchester.

"He had six months with us and is very familiar to us all. He was a good person and everyone loved him. He would always welcome him warmly."

While Ronaldo is harder to address rumors of interest in Madrid to Adebayor. CR7 not mention the figure of striker Ade required Real.

"I think we do not need another striker. We've been happy with the existing line-up, "said Ronaldo told the Daily Star.

Adebayor is looking for a new club. Togo striker was again ignored City manager, Roberto Mancini was brought in with no pre-season tour and will most likely be sold.

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