Sunday, September 18, 2011

Indonesia League Stay With Format One Region

JAC Sport, Jakarta - Indonesia League Format this season continue to use the format of one region. Consequently, from 36 teams that applied for and awaiting the results of verification will be trimmed to 18 teams in accordance with the statutes of PSSI.

This was decided in the PSSI Executive Committee meeting at Crown Hotel, Jakarta, Friday, September 16, 2011. "The decision is final, the competition format of one region," said a member of the Executive Committee of PSSI, La NyaLla Mattaliti, after the meeting.

La Nyala added that residents club competition level one priority for the club who previously inhabited the Indonesian Super League. "We try to 15 clubs which more preferred. It's all bloody [survive in LSI], the why to hurt," added La Nyala.

Meanwhile, members of the Executive Committee PSSI others, Roberto Rouw, adding this decision is final consensus of the majority of the Executive Committee of PSSI. "The decision is final, return to an area with 18 club participants. This decision is based on majority consensus," he said.

"But the verification process remain to be implemented. The clubs should be eligible. So later all verified," said Roberto.

"The AFC came 26 September this for verification. When tight, but I hope the process can be completed verification of eligibility," said Rouw.

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